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This is what I get from listening to old rap by House of Pain... While asleep I dreamed of "taking nerdcore to the next level". I present what was part of a much longer rap that faded from memory before I could type it down (the lost bits got into much more technical stuff about SPARC and MIPS and maybe a few other architectures).

My first hood was crazy,
fights b'tween AMD, NexGen and Cyrius,
but people said Intel was desirious
The streets was twisted,
movin' around was complicated
the ISA was said be hairy constipated.
Their original sin came down from 8088,
kept the hood there cramped for cars, feelin' 20 years too late.

The rival hood was called the 68k,
in those parts were crazy artists with big posters of Che
They all carried around with them pallets of 32,
but their faces all stoned, some eyed a meditating guru.

I've been frustrated with how funding for services work in the university - how some types of grants require extremely detailed accounting for their use and nuanced notions like "equitability". It looks like the department is trying to set up a shared computational resource, but these rules clog what should be a simple matter with the need for CPU/access quotas, possibly segmented hardware for specific people, and similar. I understand that lack of financial accountability creates a risk of waste of money, corruption, and similar, but that doesn't make the right level of accountability obvious nor does it make it pleasant to live with these rules in the meantime. Presently thinking about how this ties into anti-corruption efforts in China and northeastern Europe....


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