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Situational Consciousness

Situational memory for this context: context that is not necessarily logically tied to a task can become part of a path to retrieval so that it is not as easy to retrieve the memory in other contexts - e.g. if one always were to study in a particular room all the time, being tested in a similar room may aid recall of stidued facts. Thought: Could consciousness be sliced up that way as well? I'm in a number of distinct "modes" in the day - morning, office, usually coffeeshop, sometimes a walk in the woods, home, with a few other modes that happen much more rarely (none of these listed modes typically involves any nontrivial social interaction, alas). While the "narrative" of day-to-day life is still fairly strong, competing are increasingly strong narratives for each of those locations, narratives that have little to do with each other but still feel like they'recomplete (in that they are stitched right together into a stronger continuity than the day-to-day one can be because they lack the discontinuity of sleep). It feels like it would be a release of a burden to let go of the day-to-day narrative (maybe we'll call it "global" for lack of a better term?).

At the 61c today while waiting in line, there was a guy and a gal in front of me, the girl leaning close to him and turning up the appeal - I felt like I was accidentally hit by a floodlight - undeserved affection - false for me. Had to look away - loneliness churning in my gut again.

More impressions of Fedora8 - Management tools are pretty slick, system as a while is indeed much more polished. Regretfully, X is a bit squirrely with my video card again. There are a number of nice tools for distributed computation included too, which will be nice when they make it into RHEL. I finally figured out what the "i386" command does - really useful, that. Something might be a bit wrong with Firefox - text fields that try to autocomplete arn't behaving as they should.


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