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Memories... cartoon themes from the 80s and 90s crunched into two videos. How much do you remember? (presuming you're of the right age or saw reruns - I was of the right age for parts of both groupings (having younger sisters helped))


  • He-man - I used to occasionally watch it, but wasn't a big fan of the show.
  • She-ra - Caught only a few times. She-ra's voice is very irritating.
  • Inspector Gadget - I really loved this show, although later episodes were not as good. There was a very good SNES game made of the series too..
  • Ghostbusters - Had no idea this existed.
  • The Real Ghostbusters - I liked early episodes of it, stopped watching after awhile. I like their art style, and Egon was an early role model for me.
  • Bravestar - Never heard of it
  • Heathcliff and Marmaduke - A predecessor to Heathcliff? I might've seen this once or twice as a rerun
  • Heathcliff - I loved the show. If I remember, it normally ran back-to-back with Dennis the Menace. Has a catchy tune that's entereed my head every so often over the years
  • Gilligan's Planet - Never heard of it, looks horrible.
  • Voltron - I had forgotten that I had seen this, I must've watched it every so often but I don't remember much.
  • Mighty Orbots - Looks like another transformers-genre show, never saw it
  • Danger Mouse - When I was very young (2nd grade?) I was obsessed with this show to the extent that it worried my parents. :)
  • Ducktales - Great show, catchy tune
  • Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers - Never liked it much
  • The Little's - I had forgotten about this too, but I rather liked this show when I was young. Song is insipid but somehow catchy. Argh.
  • Pac-Man - Only caught a few episodes, wasn't impressed
  • Video-Land - I think I caught a few episodes.. it was ok.
  • Super Mario Brothers Super Show - Funny, had an adult element like Peewee's Playhouse but not (as) creepy. Memorable song.
  • Zelda - Didn't watch it much because Link's character was irritating
  • Thundarr - He-man clone, never was much into that genre
  • Gi-Joe - Hated it.
  • Transformers - Loved it, caught it whenever I could.
  • Transformers (post movie) - Not quite as good but still good
  • Go-bots - I never was impressed
  • Beetlejuice - I really liked it. A very different beast from the movie but still great.
  • TMNT (early in the show) - Was pretty good
  • TMNT (late in the show) - Came to suck badly, made Shredder into a buffoon, show grew too silly, ditched the plot
  • Peanuts - I don't remember a regular cartoon, although the television specials were always family events (e.g. "Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin")
  • Dungeons and Dragons - Was kind of amusing. I wasn't still watching by the time the second intro was used.
  • Blackstar - Don't remember it, probably wouldn't've liked it.
  • Tiny Toons - Very enjoyable, more plot-driven than the originals but still good, theme song very catchy
  • Animaniacs - I wasn't a big fan at the time, but later came to enjoy it a lot more. Theme song also very catchy
  • Pinky and the Brain - Fantastic.
  • Freakazoid - Also fantastic. One of the few comics that was equally funny for the whole family (even if the parts that are funny differ). I wish it hadn't been cancelled so soon.
  • Pirates of Darkwater - Never heard of it
  • Talespin - I didn't like the characters much, was always ambivalent on watching this
  • Darkwing Duck - I was a bit obsessed with this show. One of the few instaces of a show having both really cool good guys and bad guys
  • Goof Troop (aka Goofy and Son)- I hated this show
  • Bonkers - Never got into it
  • Alladin - It was decent
  • The Critic - Sophisticated, not really for kids (requires too much cultural literacy) but excellent. I have the series on DVD now.
  • Sam and Max - I liked the computer game but never saw the TV show
  • ??? - Whatever this cartoon was, I never saw it but it looks pretty awesome. Anyone know?
  • Mighty Max - Never saw it
  • Pokémon - Great videogame, TV show managed to be rather good despite the main character being intensely irritating. The Japanese music was generally better, I really like the Seiyuu for James and Jesse/Misty/Purin in English, the rest had better Japanese seiyuu
  • Batman - Pretty good, but I almost never caught it because of when I got home
  • Superman - Bleh. Apart from the first few movies, I wasn't a big fan of superman as a character anyhow
  • Batman Beyond - Really cool
  • Samurai Pizza Cats - WTF? Never heard of it. Looks terrible.
  • Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century - Never heard of it.
  • Futurama - I never liked it. I didn't really like the Simpsons either so it's no surprise.
  • Gargoyles - Mildly neat.
  • Super Mario Brothers 3 - Poor.
  • Super Mario World - Never saw this, looks terrible.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - I thought it was pretty good. Cute intro too. The actual show had much better animation than the intro (there were half a dozen Sonic cartoons, with greatly varying quality, just like Mario)
  • The Tick - Moderately funny, I didn't watch much of it.
  • Back to the Future - I had no idea this was ever made.
  • Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure - I remember this was a reasonably good cartoon with frequent irritating music. I didn't watch much of it (was a bit old)
  • Dragon Warrior - Looks indistinguishable from the Dragon Ball series, which I really dislike.

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