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All Elbows

When I woke up this morning, I did some programming before I cameto work, and the people in the other half of the triplex in which I livewere yelling at their bird every time it chirped, which was often.Fortunately, I don't think it understood their shouting -- it's not likeyelling at a cat or dog... however, it is kind of interesting to chew on.It reminds me of that cricket I mentioned on here recently.

A thought -- are narrative versus descriptive modes of thought related tolingual versus imagery modes of thought? Is there a relationship there? Ithink it crosses all ways, but there may be deeper connections..

Here's an article on jury duty. Raises interestingissues, and there's the typical ubercapitalist nut comment at the end.Professional juries? Blech. I don't want to discount alternate judicialsystems, but professional juries are a negative twist on the current system.

Oh, yay, another OpenSSH security hole.

I've found that I'm generally more productive working at home, at the coffeeshop,or out in the atrium where I work rather than in my office. I think it might bethat I like open spaces, or that I tend to work better when I'm not crammed inwith two other people. One of my coworkers mentioned last night, over IM, at23: that he likes to stay late for the same reason. Yet, when I spoke about thiswith another coworker who has never been outside academia, he doesn't understandat all. Interesting.

We're going over attention and memory in Cognitive Psychology today.It's an interesting topic, and during discussion, I tossed some of my longchewed-on ideas into a discussion period -- specifically that attentionis mostly illusory, and what's significant is memory.

I wish some of my classmates would stop talking. Grr.Oh, and here's an experiment below. I cut'n'pasted some foreigncharacters into my editor. I wonder if they'll show up on the web.

(omitted because they broke display of both modern versions of POUND and LJ-sync)
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