Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Karmic Fulcrum

You can do this and be rich, they tell me. I've heard it in various flavours from family and others, various schemes to make lots of money.. and I keep feeling irritated, because I don't really want to be rich. I want to suck up as much knowledge as I can, and think deeply about it, and pass that knowledge on to other people, making them think. Provided I am living comfortably and I have some security, I don't need money. There are some things that having more money would be handy for (and having a house would be nice, and more money would make it happen faster), but it's not a major concern, because my focus in life is more inward than outward.

So, today, after one small possibly nice deed, I drove out to investigate/fix some network problems of some people I know. When I was nearly there, I noticed my cellphone was missing, and grumbled to myself that whenever I try to do something really nice for someone, something incidental *always* happens to me. The phone turned up, courtesy of a stranger, much later in the night, but still. Ahh, but no matter. Today was still a most excellent day, the highlight being a very pleasant nap on the CMU cut around 18:00. I never want this summer to end (even though it's hardly begun) .. and it reminds me that although I have the right job, it's in the wrong place. Any house I would buy in Pittsburgh would (or at least should) be just temporary until I can find a place that won't make me want to die every winter. I like Pittsburgh, but the weather is misery given form.

The dance has built up in me again, and I *must* go to some kind of Techno/Goth/Darkwave soon. This probably means Ceremony here, because I want to be careful with money until the dual-rent and carpet repair stuff is ironed out. After that, I should visit NYC and Cowtown.

I must resist the urge to argue economics until I'm blue in the face with invisible-hand-is-always-healthy-and-right folk... and arguing with other folk too. Recently, I've failed at this, because unlike a lot of other people, I enjoy a good debate and have trouble remembering that other people don't (especially if I call them on their BS and dirty argument tricks). I could probably argue with Isildur for days on end (and it'd be, no doubt, really interesting to do so), but anyone else around would probably want to flee screaming..

I am irritated to find that, while the XIM/scim stuff is awesome, some software, notably Openoffice and anything written in Java, don't work with it. Nothing I have in Java can even display unicode, and Openoffice does its own input processing (which doesn't work for me). Meh.


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