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Pat Gunn

A Comic-Book Life

I realised recently that a webcomic I liked which I added to my comics bookmark folder (open all in tabs is my hero) was never changing because I added a bookmark to a specific episode of the comic. Oops. Normally I would only do that to remind myself that I still have to read through all the archives of the comic starting at where I've bookmarked, but that apparently didn't work this time. Much of the intelligence in how I live my life is stuff I hide outside my head that's supposed to be a set of reminders that stir memory - we live in an age of excessive information and that's how I cope. Sometimes things are dropped on the floor by this method, and of course when I die someday, people would probably find some quirky things about how I organise things that are simply hooks of that sort. On that specific comic, I found again the entry that made me decide to start reading it: this. I wholeheartedly agree that we should not succumb to the spirit of gravity, and further that we must act with solidarity to smash such expectations whenever they show up and wherever they are now. If we need an excuse, it's our new, free-spirit culture, and we don't care what others think of it. It would be better, I think, to simply not care when others don't accept, and take collective action to push against the spirit of gravity. If huge corporations can't cope with having real, full humans, then they should fall. If we can't become as numerous and uniform as ants and still be human, then we'll need to make sure, as a species, we don't breed that much. Quality of existence is more important than any of these things, and we should spread it to all people. A suit and a gag for the workplace? Demeaning. We must be jealous for our fellow humans at ending that practice, not just for us, but for everyone.

In other news, Kompressor, a rather good (and weird) musician, took off his mask recently. It's a guy called Drew in Columbus, Ohio, who's roughly my age. I wonder if I ever ran into him (maybe at Outland? I often saw Damon Zex there)

I still occasionally feel pure fury when I do Usenet moderation -- that a deluge of commercial assholes have given us an eternal nuclear winter in the community. I believe that if I met a commercial spammer, I, very literally and complete seriously, would physically beat them, burn down their house, etc etc. There is nothing even remotely forgivable about what they're doing, and I would not expect the law to understand or pardon my actions. When one knows what one is doing is right for society, and one is ready to take the attached consequences, one should IAR. This is one of the pieces of dangerous wisdom in Wikipedia culture -- we don't allow people to become rules lawyers, taking the way we run our community and perverting them to advantage themselves by finding ways to navigate them with precisely this idea. It is a very dangerous idea, because "rule of law" does provide, for most people, a comfortable, well-defined relation between people and other people (and companies, and the state), and stepping beyond that requires cultivation of a culture of wisdom of caretakers of society. As mentioned before, perhaps avoiding degradation into despotism in real life should involve an oath of poverty and devotion to the state of those involved (among other safeguards), but we avoid many other kinds of problems with notions like IAR - if someone dances around guidelines/rules for long enough or enthusiastically enough, eventually they'll be beaten down for doing just that. Taking this rule and applying it to real political systems would be a major challenge, although the kinds of ideas I've had for other purposes may be easily adapted to help provide the needed stuctures to make this easier.

Right now, I'm sitting at the Beehive, and something smells absolutely wonderful nearby, something like fresh peaches being cut, or perhaps .. hmm.. something else? I'm working on The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, about 2/3 through it, and it is excellent. All the same, it does touch on issues of infidelity, someting I'm particularly sensitive to (unrelated to issues with my father), and sometimes it makes me uncomfortable. I recently had a long conversation with someone who's not exactly a romantic interest (she's been taken for several years and I respect both that and both people in that relationship, and .. see ahead) about relationships and what people want in life, and I realise that she's miles away from my perspective. It still surprises me sometimes how differently some people see the world on some of these issues, but that's part of the human condition, I suppose -- it's probably about as human an experience as one can easily find. There's more to the conversation than that -- mainly things that I expressed that I need to think about.

At 8pm, I'm probably going to a risque interpretation of Alice in Wonderland -- it's held a little over a mile away from the Beehive, so it's not worth heading back home first. Anyone who cares to join should let me know ASAP (call me).


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