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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, as interpreted by James Shoberg, was excellent and very strange. As advertised, it dealt with very edgy topics in a hedonistic way, and for anyome not used to highly risque theatre, it would have been very wrong (think almost-Troma). They used a nice mix of snippets of music to illustrate parts of the tale, from the Dresden Dolls to Madonna (some of the music was good but obscure to me -- I dropped an email to the group asking for a song list). The actor playing Alice, aside from bearing a certain uncanny resemblance to a once-math-major that was a CMU acquaintence, was notable for portraying shocked innocence very well (probably the hardest thing I've seen people do as an actor). Another actor bore a surprising resemblance to another KGB acquaintance. The film, apart from the obvious advertised ones, broke a few rules of theatre that kind of left me scratching my head, but this wasn't necessarily bad, just surprising. I can highly recommend it to y'all next weekend -- I won't be able to see it again due to prior commitments, but I would otherwise consider seeing it again -- it was quite good. Apparently, Rage of the Stage Players have a phone number for reservations: 412.851.0922

The locale was in the southside -- a few streets off Carson in a place called "The Brew House". I thought it was interesting that there were a number of parking spaces in the middle street nearby -- I initially thought a bunch of cars were waiting for a light, but as I walked by them, it became apparent that that was wrong.

I also finished reading "Wind-Up Bird Chronicle". It's an immensely creative and wonderful work, although like with a Kundera novel, I would hate to be a character in his works. I prefer my life, where my primary issues come with trying to understand myself, decide if I'm ready for certain things and with whom, and things are very slow paced, to the world of deception and magic that those authors provide. A number of things are best left to imaginary worlds :)

While at the movie, I came across some people from another theatre group, Comtra Theatre, which does shows every Friday and Saturday in the nearer of the two Cranberry Townships (curse you, PA, for having two Cranberries nearby-ish). If anyone wants to start to regularly go to these, I'm game -- the shows generally look interesting. In theory, we could take the 13K or 12A to get out there, and take the 21:52 12A back to Pittsburgh (if that works out timewise with the show), so a car isn't strictly speaking necessary. Any person or persons interested should let me know and we'll figure out details.


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