Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Partition of Mind-ia

The first evil of Objectivism is that it makes people selfish, praising those most detrimental to society. The second evil of objectivism is that it stands against relativism, claiming its values to be universal and nonsubjective. These are two very different types of brokenness, one a judgement on effects, another on integrity. Similar and slightly related are aspects of tonight's reflection. One of the things I've noticed is that two things I tend to like to see in people rarely, if ever, occur together. It seems that most people I meet and get along with have paired either (spirituality and having very human values) or (strict materialism and social darwinism or at least a very clinical, work-centric view of reality). This is frustrating to me, as a strict materialist with very human values, and I'm trying to find out why other cross-pollinated folk are rare, or indeed why the correlation seems to exist. I am generally uninterested in the opposite pollination -- I've met the very rare social-darwinist neo-Pagan (some of whom are some Odinists I had the surprise to speak with one day) without really getting any pleasure out of the meetings at all. Are strict materialism seemingly, thematically, or almost incompatible in some way? Is it purely from accepting scientific darwinism that people come to social darwinism? My own path to where I am admittedly passed through libertarian grounds for many years, although at the time I didn't place particular value on Darwin's theory in building my own pattern of the Bourgeois notion of justice. I am tempted to continue that line of inquiry anyhow, although I realise that that would just be out of a desire to keep talking rather than say anything profound. I'm simply puzzled at the ties, and invite my readers to theorise why the two pairs exist and their opposites are so rare. One might speculate that a certain type of individualism is key in both rejecting religion and in adopting social darwinism, or one might speculate any number of other things.

Tonight, after a trip to India Garden, I took the bus past where I needed to because I wanted to walk in Squirrel Hill for a bit and hopefully run into some people I knew. I succeeded, first bumping into Kathy, and then bumping into Andrew Moore. After chatting with each (separately), I then found some Mormons and had a quick conversation with them (pleasant, and possibly surprising to them to meet an Atheist who has read the Book of Mormon, found it interesting, and politely conducted himself). After a bit more walking, I decided to head home, took care of some household chores I procrastinated on doing, and am here now. I'll probably do a few more chores, make some tea, read a bit more, and then go to bed. Today was very pleasant, at least partly because the weather has been so nice.


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