Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Tilling the Modem Farm

Whenever I see syncopancy and groupthought, it really bugs me. Just like nationalism, it's often argued that it can have positive effects despite being ugly on its face. I don't think it's ever worth it - again just like nationalism, when one accepts it, one accepts all of it -- it cannot be turned off when it starts to lead to defective behaviour. I generally am not so keen on interrupting it though -- it leads to anger and the like, and whenever I have stepped in, some part of me was always wondering if there's a gentler way to dissuade it without getting directly involved. I am unsure if this is more often a voice of pragmatism or cowardice though.

In my continuing efforts as a sysadmin to clean out the office of two people who left our group recently, I ended up moving two very large computers onto my already crowded desk, bringing the total number of desktops on that side up to 10 (some of which are nonfunctional). Some part of me is thrilled to have so many computers near me -- although I only really need my laptop (and possibly a windows and a mac box -- maybe I can keep the two newcomers?), I have .. affection for computers -- having all these screens and desktops near me, propping up my feet and such, with the soft wheeze of power supply fans and similar, makes me happy like having a cute puppy nearby. Some part of me is uncomfortable with nonrational happiness (or indeed any emotions that are not easily understandable and rational), and gives me light inclinations to get rid of such things. I've listened to that part of me too much over my life, I think.

Driving was interesting -- the car they gave me was a Fnord Focus 2006 -- wonderfully small, light, peppy, and gas-efficient. It was also nice not needing to have paranoia about repairing the thing. Apart from not having a good handle on the size of the car, driving didn't feel odd at all. I wonder if that'll be the case the next time I drive (which could be in months, or in years).


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