Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Self-baking turkeys

Someone took the Segway, a device that people were already worried would lead to a decrease in public health (less walking?), and stuck a seat on it. Good job, America! I suppose (hope!) it's designed for crippled folks..

In cleaning out hardware, I come to suspect that with regards to computer hardware, about 80% of the time something is put away, it'll never see use again, and will likely live a period of time at least equal to its time of actual use before it is thrown away. I've tried to use a rule of thumb that if something is older than six years, unless I think it's particularly likely to be useful in some sense and is not something I already have one of, it's worth tossing. I've thrown out countless memory modules from 1998-model Mac laptops, wacky adapters of all sorts, tape cassettes (which the lab hasn't had hardware to read for a long time) and a lot of floppies (which are now a pain to read). Meh.

I've been thinking about WiktionaryZ, and while it's an interesting effort, I am not overly confident that anything is going to come of it. Seeing things like the definition of Jordan as "a country in the Middle East" doesn't give me a lot of hope for any type of mechanical translation based on precisely equivalent meanings - "necessary but not sufficient" comes to mind. I don't think dictionaries are in the business of trying to provide the "sufficient" part of term definitions, and further wonder if Defined Meanings can possibly be the basis of a good dictionary. I know a lot of smart people are working on it, and that they have high hopes, but I can't make myself believe in the project at this time.


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