Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Nerdometer Grande

Behold! I use the lyrics to Weird Al's "White and Nerdy", off of his soon-to-be-released CD to judge how .. white and nerdy I am.

  • I do not mow my front lawn because I rent
  • I never was first in my class - I'm a bit too lazy for that.
  • I am, however, pretty decent at Dungeons and Dragons
  • Escher is pretty cool, although I actually do like some musical MCs. They are, admittedly, mostly nerdcore, so ...
  • I don't know what a 40 is, but I do like Earl Grey (other teas are better though)
  • I do wear glasses, and they don't spin
  • I lack action figures (unless you count a few amusing Pokemon Pokemon plastic toys I got some years back)
  • Steven Hawking is indeed in my library
  • My myspace page is actually rather boring because I don't use myspace much
  • I know pi to about 10 digits
  • I, thankfully, have not worn braces for a long time
  • I also almost never eat sandwiches anymore
  • I sometimes play Minesweeper
  • I have probably missed out on some killer apps because I tend to stick to Unix
  • I.. have a secret fondness for Pascal. I haven't programmed much in it recently though.
  • I like calculus, but I don't typically play with it for fun
  • I indeed lack a gat and have a soldering gun.. well.. I will when the person who borrowed it gives it back
  • No to Happy Days. Also no to Ping Pong
  • I am only good at a few topics on trivia. I am hopeless at sports trivia.
  • I can kinda-sorta do a few things in Javascript, and Klingon.. well, I bought that book, but I don't know any Klingon nor do I see it as interesting beyond being a linguistic experiment
  • I lack a Segway.. although I do think they're cool
  • I don't follow X-men comics (Gaiman, Pokemon, and Ranma are mostly the limits of my collection)
  • I don't have a pocket protector, nor an economic keyboard, although I do shop online for computer bits when I need them
  • I indeed edit Wikipedia, and also remember a lot of the Holy Grail.
  • I have done work doing websites, and my cats do have a page for them on my main website
  • I lack a fanny pack, and my joy at bubble wrap faded before I graduated high school
  • Thanks to my Texanity, I am not whiter than sour cream
  • No to those clubs, although I was a Library aide and I started a computer club.. and academic decathlon one year, and Odyssey of the Mind, and .. yeah, my high school clubs were pretty geeky
  • I don't care for Kirk or Picard - Star Trek and Star Wars arn't that great. The brits did it better.
  • I only rarely go to RenFests
  • My underwear does not have my name on it
Conclusion: I am moderately white and nerdy.

I made some progress towards reshaping POUND to do what I want WRT LJ and allowing web-based editing of posts, and I now have more ideas about how to refactor other parts of the code. Refactoring code is, for me, the most pleasurable part of programming, whether it's my code or someone else's.


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