Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Bipedal Beat

The protest was kind of predictable. I arrived a little bit late, so I moseyed over to the Mellon centre and then a bit beyond, where the vanilla-liberals (organised by the Quakers) were gathering in some kind of prayer thing. They didn't like my ad hoc sign, I don't think.. that group was composed of about half homosexual liberals, a quarter quakers, and a quarter vanilla liberals.. and me. After they wrapped up their prayer and handing out song/shout sheets, we all walked back to the mellon centre, and .. kind of waved signs at people. None of them were particularly fiery, although they were pretty decent to the police when they showed up. They didn't really want to offend people, they just kind of sadly asked the people who were heading into the centre why they didn't accept them. It felt pathetic to me, but I imagine it was probably reasonably effective. Then.. the anarchists showed up. On one hand, I was happy to see them, because they're less dull and feel less pathetic to me. On the other hand, they predictably got into trouble with the police. When the police asked them to arrange themselves on the sidewalk so as to provide aisles of passage to the arena, they closed on the police, there was a brief fight, two of them were arrested, and they played victim. Later, when they were again (mostly absentmindedly) blocking entry, the police and arena folk asked them to move and they again didn't move (in the end, the police decided it was too much trouble to move them from the main entry aisle, and after enough mutual yelling and similar, they settled for a very narrow alternate path. They *always* do this kind of stuff (the playing victim in situations they create that leave other parties no option), kind of akin to someone continually stepping to block someone on the sidewalk, and then playing all innocent when asked to stop. Apart from this obnoxiousness, the protest went well (the generic liberals and anarchists stood on opposite sides of the road, and I stood with the anarchists because, despite all that, I get along with them better). I put up a gallery here (videos not included - you'll need to ask to see those).

This Weird Al song is .. agonisingly long and repetitive. I think I recall the song it's making fun of, which is almost as bad. Oy.

Rosh Hashannah is near. It is time for apples and honey, and another culture's turning of the year. Yum. Speaking of apples, I'm enjoying eating apples, and then giving the remains to Beefalo, who gives a squeak of delight every time. Hooray for strange cats.

The weather is rapidly progressing towards oh-I-want-to-die, so..

(Inventory) Command:

  • An Old Winter Coat of Resist Cold and Water (4,+2)
  • A Hat of Aura of Texanity (10 foot) (1,+2)
  • An Artifact Laptop "Morose"
It's time to start wielding that first item again. At least my AC improves by 6 and I get all the pockets. Hurrah.

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