Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Right to Contract

On the way back from the protest tonight, I noticed again that there's a racial disparity, even among white people, between the people I see downtown and in the Eastern parts of Pittsburgh, with further subdivisions based on clothing and similar. I wonder if, for example, Irish, because of historical discrimination, don't tend to be represented much in business, and perhaps further that those represented ethnicities have standards of beauty/attractiveness that more or less causes them to like others of similar ethnicities (many studies on this exist -- attractiveness is not just about sexual things), there may exist a wide variety of glass ceilings. On the other side of it, those in other classes and areas might find it easier to dislike people in higher positions, again because they run against their notion of aesthetics. In sum, is the rat race strongly divided by ethnic notions of attractiveness?

One thing that influences the way I think and act in business is that I explicitly reject the ability of employers (and others) to bind me by contract to do many things. I may sign, fully understanding the contract, and fully understanding that I have no intention to oblige, because there are many areas that I consider unacceptable on their face. I understand that this puts me at risk, and provides an excuse to fire me in some cases, but in essense I believe all employment contracts boil down to primarily two things: to give a certain ranking in one's priorities both the welfare of the employer and the duties of the job. I do believe there are some sacred trusts in some positions, some with legal dimensions, some without (Lawyers and Doctors have them, and I have them too as a handler of personally identifiable "medical" information), but most employment contracts are not things I pay much attention to, nor would I consider them to have a moral dimension. My notion of the sacredness of contract has become more nuanced in the last few years anyhow.

I keep thinking I should try to visit the Middle East sometime soon, perhaps Qatar or Israel.. but then, finding time and planning a trip wouldn't be that easy.

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