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Volcanoes in the Church

Long dream that has very little to do with anything..

Dream started in the past, walking with my father through the United Methodist Church in Brecksville my family used to go to occasionally when I was young. The place seemed larger than I remembered, and we were walking down from the 5th floor towards what was presumably the exit. We took a turn I didn't remember and ended up in a giant hall made of marble, two floors with a grand staircase ging down the middle, plants decorating the whole place, etc. It was beautiful, and also pretty wasteful. We were heading down to meet my mom and my sisters for some family event, and eventually we got there, in a part of the church that vaguely resembled the kitchen/community room in the basement but had more of the feel of the wood cottages out in the woods my immediate family used to rent for a week most winters (loud bagpipe music, puzzles, books, lots of walks in the woods, and board/outdoor games with my sisters..). I was sent to look for my grandparents, so I started to head down the hall towards what would be Brecksville Road in the actual building, but somehow mapped onto heading towards Braddock parallel to Forbes and the building was huge and mall-like. There were all these rooms full of old folks eating dinners in a homey restauraunt feel (like Country Kitchen but moreso), little shops, and long expanses of relatively open corridor - I got tired and hopped outside the building to walk parallel to it (by this time the notion that I was in the past as a kid was fading, and I was starting to get my usual modern discomfort in being inside a church). The outdoors was still like that area of Frick Park in Squirrel Hill (albeit with fewer hills and people playing soccer and other games that don't exist in real life including what looked to be a mix between golf and football). Eventually I reached my grandparents near Braddock/Brecksville Road and that end of the (huge) Church, told them they were needed, and started to head back. This time, I had a tough time staying clear of some of the sports games and several plays were fouled by my getting in the way. I just kept moving, and made it back to whatever my family (my father now absent) was planning, staying on the fringes in case it was boring and I wanted to head off. On the edges of my vision, orange lettering came into sight saying that my allies were attacking the volcano (no doubt from DOFUS), and I decided to head off to join them. It was mostly the same way as Braddock/Brecksville road, but because I was in a hurry I decided to fly. I flew near the ground so I wouldn't get lost, and eventually entered the Brecksville metroparks, which were fairly thinly populated - a few trucks driving by here and there.. and I also saw Stu, who was riding a bike really quickly. I flew near her (tough because she was biking close to the limits of my flying speed) and tried to say hi but she seemed terrified of me. I kept pestering her for awhile trying to get her to remember who I was, but eventually gave up and went to find the trail that led up to the volcano.

Quick notes:

  • Brecksville does not have a volcano
  • Brecksville is very hilly and has parks very similar looking to those of Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh
  • I have three younger sisters, and we were all pretty close once
  • I pushed my family to go to the Brecksville United Methodist Church because I wanted more time to hang out with some friends who went there. I eventually came to understand that I didn't believe in any of that stuff while there.
  • The church was actually really big, but not absurdly large like in my dream. It had an absurd number of rooms and many grades of sunday school.
  • This was one of the rare dreams where my non-reallife-abilities don't tend to fail randomly - normally when I fly the ability cuts out randomly and I fall at great speed to my death or pain if I do it for very long
Before that dream there was another flying dream involving forests.
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