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May have said this several times before, but chewing on it again..Effects of accepting democracy as sole method of resolving political disagreement:

  • Accept nonadoption of idea as a personal failing - not of the thing one proposes necessarily, but rather of not pushing it hard enough in public discourse
  • Effort-ocracy - whomever puts the most effort into promoting their ideas in that discourse will see them adopted in society through the mechanism of the state
  • Trust that some combination of the inertia built into the system and the judgement/apathy of the populace will keep ideas one dislikes from being enshrined in law
The first is crucial - effortocracy defuses criticism, rightly or wrongly, and makes it easier to rule a people with a lot of ideas floating around. Is this defusing fair? (and, as always, what does fair mean in this context?)

Still chewing on two models of governance:

  1. Socratic model - those who would take high office take oath of poverty and transparency for life - no privacy, no personal property, goal to prevent corruption by removing individual stake in society and making statesmen wards of the state. A step partway to Rawls' Original Position?
  2. Hyperfluid model - All leadership is highly transient, following the ideas I had earlier about Three_Rules_of_Communism. Issue: Must happen after some commitment to communism is widespread for political stability, also assumes high levels of education and willingness for universal involvement in/responsibility for these decisions. Consider scaling it down to a coffeeshop - collectives are great, but does everyone want to be involved in running it?
These models could coexist - if we have a lower house that's hyperfluid and "reaches up", and a higher house that's socratic and "reaches down/guards fundamentals and stability", and delegate appropriately and/or require consensus between them for change...

Odd thing about letting my laptop suspend - after wakeup, the keyboard is never the same - sometimes events are dropped and I get repeated keys. This is very frustrating.

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