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Secondhand Superpowers

Dream:Someone was trying to sell me a superpower - the ability to manipulate the world's soundtrack. As they demonstrated, they could change it to whatever they wished. I initially thought it was useless until they explained that music decides what happens - demonstration: they walked into a bank and cued up dramatic evil music from some videogame. People ran screaming, and the bank was left empty. "Think what you could do with this"... and I did, thought of sad flamenco music to woo someone I would woo.

I've been wrapping up a program for a coworker that presents stimuli relating to famous people. While debugging it, I saw a phrase I never thought I'd see while programming: Argument "Jennifer Aniston" isn't numeric in array element. Somehow this led to combining it with the perl idiom "0 but true" into "0 but Jennifer Aniston", which is even more ridiculous. I'm tired due to negligible sleep last night....

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