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Napes and Latters

A few amusing things on youtube:

As I am interested in watching the evolution/progress of the three big Wiki "encyclopedias" (even though Wikipedia doesn't seem to be written with a clear understanding of what an Encyclopedia is), I would like to propose looking at articles on the same subject across all three, and choosing a topic in the field that adopted me for a bit, I chose the Thalamus. On Wikipedia, see here. On Scholarpedia, see here. Unfortunately, Citizendium lacks an article on it (redlinked in several places). If we scoot downwards a bit into the Hypothalamus, we find all three: Scholarpedia (still awaiting finish of peer-review for formal acceptance), on Wikipedia, and on Citizendium (as a draft article). Analysis of the three articles, what they say about their respective projects, and what their level of "inner approval" means for that judgement (that is, has it been tagged as approved, as a good article, etc) are left to the reader - I have strong ideas about what an encyclopedia is/should be and its roles in society as well as appropriate tone and content, but your judgement may differ. Anyone feeling slightly less lazy than me might make a web portal allowing for easy comparison of the three sites without manually browsing and noticing when pages don't exist.

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