Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Leaving a Family

Dream:I was in some other town for an event - earlier was walking around, checking out restaurants, now was in a hotel room (with a partner, which may have been Debb or Nicole - the dream wasn't too clear about that and they were kind of greyed-out so their identity was unimportant). Time to put on a suit to go to an event was coming, so I decided to get it out and ready. I was horrified to find that Ihad packed the wrong pair of pants (dark khakis, which wouldn't match with my actual suit which is black with a burgundy-coloured tie and handkerchief). I reluctantly (I don't like making use of hotel services that feel too much like having servants) asked a hotel waitstaffman to get me a pair of pants, and he came back into the room with more pants that didn't seem to me like they'd match, so I asked him to help me put together an outfit with what I had. He came up with two suggestions, but somehow I couldn't understand what combinations of my clothes were used, so I asked him to just pick one. He kept acting like it would be inappropriate for him to choose things for me and kept trying to explain it, and somehow it just kept going right over my head. He then explained it to my companion, who understood right away and just asked me which I wanted of the two. Argh.

Last night's dinner was Indian food - I decided to go on the spicy side, and as always when I do that, I was terribly hungry when I woke up this morning. Why is that? I once had a doctor tell me that spicy food increases one's metabolism - could that be the reason?

Two Jonathan Coulton songs you may have missed out on:

  • Re: Vos Cerveaux - a French version of Re: Your Brains. Interesting - I thought the French word for "eye" was prunelle (but it has been a very long time since I've studied French) - they use "yeux" instead. Maybe there are two words...
  • Courtesy VGCats (an excellent webcomic), Still Alive, a song Jon was asked to write for a closing video for a game called "Portal" (that I've never played but looks conceptually neat - reminds me of the portal gun included in one of the user mods to Quake 1. See also the acoustic version sung by Jon. Initially when I heard the song sung with the "robot" voice, I didn't know it was one of his songs but I thought that it sounded similar to his style - finding out was amusing.
  • Comment (you should too!) - My favourite Coulton song is "Shop Vac". Yours?

I've been slogging through a landscape of old memories recently.. happier times.

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