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Up at an odd hour thanks to odd sleep cycle variance...Yesterday: Talked a bit about the basics of compiling software to the department people who will replace me, "what is a makefile", "what does configure do", etc. Digging up the big list of books they should have. Feels weird...

Moseyed on over to the CSD Senior Thesis thing, mainly to see what chrisamaphone's been up to. I may have been to earlier versions of this three and four years ago (or something similar). Impressions: It was a very mixed bag, both in terms of quality and topic. Some were much more on the engineering side of things, some were more theory. There was a guy talking about intrusion-detection at runtime - wanted to ask him if his research had any ties to the Auton Lab's WSARE project, but he was busy. A paper about building algorithms to play the stock market: always the wedding of a distasteful topic with a neat "problem" - wasn't in itself that interesting but got me wondering how one might effectively merge external knowledge into such a framework more effectively (e.g. I know company X is developing a new product, or company Y is considering a merger with Z, or ...). Chris's poster left me hungry for more, which as she says, is a kind of success. I was kind of disappointed that with most of the people I spoke, the terms relevant to the technical matters I was trying to talk about were slow in coming to mind, making it hard for me to communicate well and probably making me look a bit dim. Sigh.

Then moseyed up to the Psychology department party -- it was again held in Tepper, which generally puts people in our department off because Tepperites are unpleasant to be around, even in passing (there were also security guards(!) hanging around outside where we were and in some other parts of the building).. I was very amused to hear snarky comments timed not to be heard by the denizens of the place. This year, the party held a trivia contest (the last few years were largely awkward socialising) - I joined the team for my part of the building and was mildly helpful (got an answer or two right), we tied with another for first place. I then went home...

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