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It's days like this when global warming almost seems like a good idea.

Amusement: When people would cheat at a MMORPG, or ask me how to cheat - I usually tell them they're missing the point of gaming, and they may as well ask me to writ them a game composed of a "Win" button that gives a popup saying "¡Congrats! You win!!!!" ("Pro" versions of the game can come with more exclamation points) .. still, I think MMORPGs arn't entirely games in the classic sense - the most successful ones tie into other social needs like status/respect, and just like real life, there are people who'l do anything to get that, even things that cause people more discriminating in handing out respect to frown -- for some, respect is about quantity, not whom is giving it.. so I guess it makes sense. Those who are in it purely for the game aspect may still have a lesson to learn - that the fun is in the striving, and self-control is important to properly enjoy many endeavours (true for eating as well)...

One of my favourite Anime, クマのプー太郎, now has its opening up on Youtube.

Today I'm getting off to a very slow start - I suspect I'll brave the snow and head to the beehive in a bit.


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