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Mostly relatively uninteresting random bits of cruft:

  • Black and off-white seem to be a good pairing in clothing colour coordination
  • Harry and David's Raspberry Galettes, which were in the goodie basket my research group won in that department trivia game, are among the tastiest pastries I've ever had. They smell nice too.
    • Raspberry still strikes me as an oddly spelled word.
  • Still no job news, although it probably doesn't matter anyhow.
  • Abdullah al-Saud pardoned the famous girl who (presumably) had an extramarital affair and was caught after being raped. Recently I've been interested in how would-be kings in modern monarchies are prepared to take on the duties of a monarch - what they study, how they're taught, etc
  • I am highly amused at's biographies of some famous people. Highlights: Ronald Reagan, Walt Disney, Captain Crunch, and of course Emperor Norton I of the United States. Much of it isn't completely on the level (their fawning over Kevin Mitnick is pretty dumb), but it's funny..
  • Snarky: James Watson, according to some DNA tests, has a fair bit of non-distant ethnic African background. That explains why he's such a.. oh, wait.. (for those lacking in humour, this is a joke)
  • Snarky: Alberto Gonzalez is clarified by the ABA as not being lawyer of the year, rather newsmaker of the year.
  • Reformists in Iran give Ahmadinejad some criticism over foreign policy, and hope to elect Khatami again in 2008. This would be a very positive development. I'm still a bit jealous that both Ahmadnejad and Khatami are better educated than any American president we've had for a long time (Clinton and Ford being the closest we've seen)..
  • The difference between feeling embarassment and emotional vulnerability, emotionally, can be quite slim, and it's often easier to explain the latter as the former.
  • Trying to understand what it means when famous heads of state have some of their children and close relatives living in other countries - in particular, Musharraf has a brother in Chicago and a son in Boston. Perhaps this is just that wealthy and/or intellectual people are more likely than others to scatter themselves all over the world..
  • Thinking about easy conclusions that people are drawn to that are dishonest or lacking - tiredness makes ports hospitable..
  • Strange to look around my office and other places and think of my transience
Programming projects:
  • Playing more with Haskell....
  • Playing with framebuffer stuff on the Neuros OSD. The existing code is fairly suboptimal, but writing something better is nontrivial.

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