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Day went largely as planned - swung by to take care of bird, work, Sakura for lunch (nice Makizushi), a walk around town (a fair number of other people were walking around too, disappointed to find that most places, apart from Jewish and Chinese/Japanese restaurants, were closed), swung by Pinskers to get some wine, eventually came home when I found that no coffeeshops are open. Weather is pleasant, warm enough to air out the apartment. On the way home, I saw one of those topless cars, heard music blaring from it. Initially I was put off by how obnoxious it was to play music so loud, and like the other people around, I was tempted to say something. Then I noticed that this wasn't obnoxious hip-hop or metal, rather it's Jazz. Good Jazz, played at appropriate volume levels (fairly low), is pleasant background music - loud enough that one could pay attention to it if one wants to but not so loud that one couldn't easily hold a conversation over it. Great Jazz is pleasant enough to merit one's full attention and is often worth playing loud enough to permit the variance in loudness in the component voices full expression. This was Great Jazz. On one level, I was still irritated that the music was quite that loud, and thought about shouting at the car, but ... it's difficult to do that when someone has good taste. Giving them one thumbs up and another thumbs down probably wouldn't be very clear :)

My Linux laptop is ill.. more rubbish like:

  • psmouse.c: TouchPad at isa0060/serio4/input0 lost sync at byte 1
  • psmouse.c: TouchPad at isa0060/serio4/input0 - driver resynched.
  • psmouse.c: issuing reconnect request
and dropped keyboard/mouse events/resyncs of 1-3 seconds. From what I understand, the i8042 (keyboard/mouse controller) on the system is hosed - the problem seems to start if I'm using the mouse while the system has heavy CPU load (and doesn't go away when said load drops). I've had this problem intermittently for the whole time I've had this laptop though.. tried everything from tweaking the i8042 kernel parameters to playing with synaptics driver options in X. Sigh.

Newslike substances:

  • Castro talks about Cuba's future, possibly without Raul as well. I hope it remains Communist (ideally moving towards a more Titoist formulation)
  • Worries that if the Americans take over Cuba after Castro retire, the environment will suffer. Of course, some foolish folk think the market will save the environment through private property rights.. haha
  • Schwartzenegger expresses frustration with BushJr's EPA making it hard to protect the environment. Meanwhile, he moves CA towards universal healthcare. For a Republican, Schwartzenegger is doing a lot of things I like.
  • Saudi Arabia is adapting interestingly to Iran's sudden increased political power (now that that Iraq is no longer a counterbalance and the future for Shia looks very brght), having invited Ahmadinejad to Hajj and beginning to otherwise court Iran. I suspect changing attitudes towards shia is almost as politically dangerous for a lot of Arab nations as changing them towards kurds, although the rise of Iran may make it unavoidable. I wonder if the US and its regional "allies" knew what they were getting into when they started the invasion.
  • The Roman Catholic Patriarch of Jerusalem gave harsh criticism of Israel as a homeland specifically for Judaism and the Jews. While I dislike his emphasis that it be "shared by all religions", to the extent that it's an end to special status for a people and a faith I like it - I don't think notions of an ethnic or religious homeland should define citizenship anywhere, such notions being illiberal. States should not, I think, attempt to be a content-free container for people (or peoples), but I'd rather see none-to-mild promotion of secularism and racial mixing than any promotion of the opposite. The two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while possibly leading to peace, is definitely the less worthwhile/impressive achievement to go for by my values. If the alternative is the status quo, then it's worth doing, but establishment of a mixed, secular, ideally socialist state would be far preferable.
  • Mistreatment of animals for the purpose of research happens everywhere. Fortunately, whistleblowers and vigilante groups exist everywhere as well to point out the abuse and hopefully respond accordingly. Note that abuse should be considered outside of the traditions of the law and possibly the IRB-equivalents that review these things - there always seem to be scientists who resent the need to think about ethics of (or outside "interference" in) what they do.
  • No surprise for those who are familiar with the man - Herbert Hoover considered mass arrests during the Korean war, suspending Habeas Corpus. The anti-communist purges in the United States were happening roughly at the same time - dark times for the United States..
  • Nepal to abolish their Monarchy
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