Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Dreams of Surgery

Another return to the strange apartment I seem to have in my dream version of Columbus, but first a visit to the old apartment, where there was a second bathroom on the first floor. (I still have an incredibly vivid memory of the shape of dream-Columbus, because it's been largely consistent over the years, albeit fairly different from the real Columbus).. the new apartment seems to be based off of someplace I never lived and presumably barely recall - a full apartment but with an extra bathroom near the top-back area shared with 4 other apartments, not open to any public space. Was tempted to close the shared door to prevent entry into my place, but remembered someone telling me that it was a handy way to get back into my place if I forgot the key, so I left it open a crack. Eventually flew somewhere else (or possibly woke and used restroom - effectively a different dream), and was in a university or hospital of some kind to learn some biology or medical stuff, fumbling to put on latex gloves while waiting for the class. A few other people from CMU, mostly psychology profs, were also waiting. Eventually went to look in the window of the classroom, and a security guard told me not to do that and that for privacy reasons I had to remain by the chairs. Fidgeted with the gloves, pulling them on and off again, and other people glared at me, seemed to think this would weaken the gloves or something. After the class ended (which wasn't represented in the dream at all), some of the psych profs suggested that it was time to go gambling. Now that the conference(?) was over, they also had to go back to the hotel to go move their stuff to a cheaper hotel in town. One of them commented that "as an X, I always have to pay money for these things", which struck me as odd because I never heard her emphasise that aspect of herself that way. I asked if it would be too much trouble for me to arrange to get a room in the same cheaper place they were staying afterwards, and they mentioned some penalty for switching if I didn't make a reservation for the right length in our current place... I wandered off at this point, wanting company but not wanting to watch them gamble.

CMU without the students is like a stage between productions.. There's also no place open to eat apart from India Garden. One place I tried to call, Crêpes Parisiennes, has hilarious reviews on citysearch.. I've actually seen some of the rudeness and silly rules (the latter of which I ignore), but as noted it's worth it for the tasty food.

It's interesting to compare the holidays-events various MMO games do - those that are more serious (as in, they have a theme that they tend to stick to) naturally do less, while the more surreal (like Dofus and KOL) tend to hop right into (and make fun of) these themes (Dofus is particularly lovable for its satire - see their entry/description for a weapon called George Bow on their wiki).

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