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2007 has been a rather unpleasant, difficult year for me. While in the end it's been a mess, there are some good things.

New Music (well, stuff I acquired during the year):

  • And One's - Bodypop and Frontfeuer - Nice german synthpop
  • Aneela - Mahi - One of the two musicians from Toy-box adapted to pop-Bhangra
  • Avril Lavigne - Best Damn Thing - Still irrited by the attitude from "Girlfriend", but it's rather good pop music.
  • Bad Religion - New Maps of Hell - Particularly fond of "New Dark Ages" and "Dearly Beloved", sounds like songs that were missing from one of their earlier albums (during the good periods)
  • Billy Talent - Punk-pop with a sense of humour..
  • Chumbawamba - A Singsong and a Scrap - One of my favourite albums of theirs, some nice sad songs
  • Cypress hill - Black Sunday - I found the brief period of time where their music was good..
  • Firewater - Golden Years - Wow, fantastic. Their best album yet, and this is one of my favourite bands.
  • House of Pain - Various - More old-school rap. It's a pity the group broke up so the main singer could do soul (a musical genre I've never appreciated)
  • Iris - Various - They have a kind of indy-pop-ish appeal..
  • Jonathan Coulton - Hooray for a french version of "Re: Your Brains" as well as "Still Alive"
  • Leningrad Cowboys - A joke band that became pretty awesome
  • MC Frontalot - Secrets from the Future - Pretty good, on par with his early stuff
  • All the bands covering Oingo Boingo - Danny Elfman is a tough standard to live up to, but some of them that do genre-shifting (e.g. to punk) have a chance..
  • VNV Nation - Judgement - Resonates well with me
  • Звери - Good stuff
Computerwise, little has changed about my environment - Haskell indeed has some merit (even as I still find functional programming to be more of a special-purpose programming like writing a regex or programming a DSP than good for general-purpose stuff), GAIM became Pidgin (and had some feature/interface improvements), I've played DOFUS more and KOL less, and have implemented some new features for my blog software. On the PC, I've started and stopped using Skype frequently to make video-calls.

Other features of 2007: Catsitting, unrequited love, several good books, light travel, loneliness and crocodile affection, being "laid off", fun with microscopes, going through the motions, frequent trips to the Beehive, cooking with spinach, despair, good wine and food, webcam

Presently drinking some Moscato d'Asti, will head out to India Garden around 23:20 or so.


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