Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Peering Across State Lines

On MySpace, sometime back I came across the profiles of my three sisters. I don't really do the MySpace thing, and I'm not particularly close to anyone in my family (apart from my grandparents on my mom's side), but it's interesting to see that Lindsay, who's probably the most like me of us four, has a decent overlap with me in musical tastes. I wonder how much of that might be genetics, how much might be socioeconomic momentum towards friends who introduced us to similar musicians, and how much was something else. I'm pretty sure it's not upbringing - I picked up my musical tastes mostly after I had gone to University. *shrug*. It's kind of amusing how things ended up - I have two sisters in places I used to live (Cleveland-area and Columbus-area) and one someplace I almost went (Boston).

I've heard that, as I'm heading to NYC to see Pirates of Penzance in March, I should avoid JFK airport. Is LaGuardia better? My primary concern is easy and cheap public transit into the city so I can reach whatever el-cheapo hotel I go with (ideally an artsy-but-insane one I stayed in 8 years ago with a bunch of friends). It's playing every weekend, the prices are the same for each, although I'd probably like to avoid CMU's spring break on the off chance I get invited to go on a road trip with some cool folk. OTOH, maybe if that happens and NYC is on the agenda, they'd like Pirates too. In any case, Albion should be visited too.

I also should figure out when I'm going to visit Nova Scotia. If I'm leaving North America this summer, I should do it before then.


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