Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Femme Fatality

It's interesting when we find out that we're attracted to people we should not be, for one reason or another. To clarify slightly, to people where the attraction, either now or under any possible circumstance in the future, can be nothing but disruptive, either to one's own mental state or socially if brought into the open. The most recent of these is a crush-at-first-sight on someone I've never met who, because of the nature of their social ties to me, I probably never will meet (and never should, honestly). Crushes that don't lead to anything.. suck.. so... much.

Unrelated, in programming languages, I think named arguments for functions/methods are very sexy. I wish there were ways to make them take less space in Perl, although in most languages that use them, they tend to take too much (visual) space at the top of each function. I find myself wondering if there's a better way to do it (in Perl or in programming languages in general). We might imagine writing a utility function to arrange some of this, but the devil is in how to do it that's better than the native way of doing it. I've often been tempted to really design my own Perl-sized programming language - while Perl is the closest language I've seen to what I'd like so far, there are more than a few things I'd do differently.


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