Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

  • Music:

Memories of the New

  • Impressions: Things before they're familiar
  • Memory: excitement, thrills at learning the initial contour of a new experience
  • Joy: Sending mind down mental paths, dreaming of possibilities. Ideal: If someone has not already done so, which ruins the puzzle
  • Restrictions on experience: Few, fewer yet when i was younger


  • Anticipation of getting a new transformer toy when I was very young, thinking about how to role-play it with my others
  • Initially learning a new game (that has sufficient depth for this kind of thing)
  • Meeting new people
Opposite: a fully or mostly mapped terrain, where what is left is drudge exploration of fine detail.

Replacement in things that seem to keep my atttention: affection, familiarity, habit, instinctual attraction, aesthetics, meditative qualities

Risk: For things where the latter can't be established, attempting to figure things out too soon can spoil the fun of something. Many people I've met, I've eventually been able to understand them to the point where I can predict just about any conversation I might have with them on an abstract topic, and similarly with a game, if I can prove an optimal strategy with pen and paper (or sketch out in enough detail what one might look like), it loses a lot of the appeal. Sometimes with music that's very math-y (like Pachelbel's Canon) I get this too.

Memory: Playing with the Game Genie for the NES8 (and later consoles) ruined a lot of games for me in a similar way, as the sense of exploration and achievement turned visibly into rote motion.

Occasionally, I think back and attempt to recapture the *taste* of novelty for something I've already figured out and stuck with. It is a sweet taste.


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