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Polka and Sauberkeit

Cleaning the apartment/packing things up to move/discard (no, no offer yet, but I'll want to be getting ready) stuff, and giving a good listen to a CD I got on a lark as part of an Amazon order (I try to always order enough for free shipping). Polka always struck me as wonderful music to clean to (maybe the rapid beats help avoid the temptation to read a book I'm moving, or reminisce over an old photo instead of storing it), and "Polkas for a Gloomy World" is amazing.

Incidentally, I have come to think of music CDs as being install CDs to put music on a computer. It's kind of silly to have them on display. If only I could easily get all my books into a nice, annotatable computer format, I could imagine having an apartment with very little in it, which sounds kinda nice. Reflecting on having pets - they are why I can't have a nice couch or nice chairs or similar. Occasionally I resent that a bit, even though I love them.


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