Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Waiting for Mashgiach

Maggie's Mercantile (a restaurant serving vegan and veggie meals) is back in Oakland, sort of. When I first moved to Pittsburgh, they were a block down the street from India Garden, and were a reasonably fancy/nice traditional restaurant, the sort one would dress up a bit for. The new location, across the street from EatUnique (formerly Craig Street Coffee), is not very visible and very different from the old place - it has more the feel of a vegan/vegetarian "community centre", and the waitstaff are clueless but friendy, the food being closer to buffet style than anything else. It was tasty, but in a much more hardcore vegan way than their old place - I would probably not bring a meat-eater to the new place. If you think you might like it, check them out. (I suspect that if they had Vaad supervision, they could get the place certified kosher with everything being Pareve).


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