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"The wealthy, having removed the connection of the poor to the land in most areas and having confined them to suburbs that few ever left, felt free themselves to cultivate their own ties, with the growth of the backpacker industry, scouts, and other such institutions the mark of the shift. In parts of the world where this was not and remains not the case, the old order still stands and the difference remains puzzling between elites of each kind."

On the way to grab food today, I walked by an old woman doing yardwork, chopping logs while an outdoor fireplace/grill burned them. The scent of wood reminds me of boy scouts, but also reminded me that different woods have different burning smells, many of them quite pleasant. It would be interesting to imagine pairing wood smells with food (akin to wine pairing) - I imagine there is enough interaction between those smells and the food to make such a thing worthwhile, although actually doing this would best be done either in homes (where wine pairing is easy because limited food is available at a given meal) or in restaurants that have a separate fireplace for each table. This part is a challenge.

Recently rewatched Ghostbusters - when the keymaster spoke to a horse promising liberation for slaves, .. that stuck with me - is it meant just to show how divorced he is from his former human perspective, or is there meant to be more of a point? I feel kind of silly doing so, but it does make me wonder if the character of Gozer (leaving out contribution to canon from the sequel) may have been not so negative if unprovoked.

While playing on IMDB, I came across an entry for a fan-made Freddy vs Ghostbusters, which I have not yet seen (being at the 61c with my OLPC), but looks amusing. I miss 80s films.

If you could change 5 things in the Unix tradition, having the changes being standard across most unices today and as integrated as other design aspects, what would they be? Every so often I return to this question.. My ideas:

  • Better group management/ACLs - the group field in traditional unix usually requires the help of a sysadmin to be as useful as it should be. Users ideally should be able to create their own groups and manage permissions for multiple groups for their files on their own, and more flexibly. Tools to do this should be standard across unices and filesystems.
  • STDIN/STDOUT/STDERR (can) behave differently on a tty as opposed to a pipeline - this scares off people from casually piping. Standards for what goes to STDOUT vs STDERR are unclear or not followed (where does the output for --help go? Depends on the program), and glumming all of these into a single stream makes parsing more difficult than it could be. It'd be nice to have programs produce named streams for their non-file output as a standard feature
  • screen-like functionality should be a basic terminal feature
  • I/O (and other lengthy syscalls) is asynchronous by default - processes should not block (or need separate I/O watcher threads) for I/O in kernel space. Combined with use of signals to tell a parent that a child thread has died (and a bit more work), zombie processes could be (largely) eliminated.
  • Database semantics should be available for the filesystem, and a SQL-database-in-a-file standard should replace Berkeley DB
Standard clustering (VMS provides a good example of how it should be done) would be nice too...

I've regretted for awhile now not getting more into VMS when I was first exposed to it - I only became interested when I picked up a copy of "OpenVMS Operating System Internals", long after wiping OpenVMS from my Alphas (which I no longer even have).


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