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Human Interface

Sometimes I'm a bit weirded out/curious about the border between the nutrient regulation stuff going on in my body (and other "primal" bits) and the higher thought parts. I had a nice veggie sandwich at Bruegger's, combined with Mango Juice, and after some tea, I swung through Giant Eagle, and Naked Juice (a healthy blended-fruit beverage) wasn't calling to me like it normally was, presumably because those systems calculated that I have adequate supplies of fruit-derived vitamins/other nutrients. Right now that interface is at the level of food cravings - weird to think about how that is so different than a lot of the other parts of thought (although tiredness and the like are similar).. could someone learn to "read" that system on a higher level and "query" their body about its current nutritional needs? It'd be amusing to be able to summon up a bar chart or something like that into one's vision, but that may be putting the bar a bit high. I suppose diabetics have a limited aided ability to do that with their blood test devices... It seems like there's actually a surprisingly long border between these realms of thought - almost uncomfortably long if one chooses to identify tightly enough with higher-order thought.


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