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A Mapped Terrain Knows No Adventure?

Game design: One of the things I've noticed is that for people who are "in" a game that stresses difficult achievements, they often wish these challenges were easy, but if they step back, they'll recognise that the challenge/labour involved is what makes achievement-pleasure possible - this was driven home in a recent april fool's joke where someone claimed to have reverse-engineered a game server so the game's client could be used with their server rather than the official one, and they promised all sorts of extra in-game bonuses for various things - some people lauded the bonuses, others recognised that the things they would work so hard for would be less fun, easily acquired. Generalisability of this to real life: an interesting question - we can recognise that some but not all types of pleasures in life have an "achievement element" to them. Some people describe their job this way (more often those involved in white collar jobs, I imagine). Taking this to the extreme, we can imagine recreational drugs that directly stimulate pleasure centres as a pure pleasure without any achievement (and very little other benefit, being akin to the excellent example of why "winning" without this is empty - a computer game with a single button that says "Win Game" and tells people they win when they click on it) - perhaps society frowns on such things partly because the achievement is so little (outgrowth?: religious suspicion of pleasures that are distant from either contemplation of the divine or things clearly within the plan of the gods). What other things might this vary on? Would it be as meaningful to find love if there were a foolproof way to find a right other person and a perfectly smooth, easy relationship? What other parts in life are like this? What other components are there to happiness in doing things?


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