Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Gink go

It smells like someone has planted a Ginkgo tree somewhere nearby. Airing out the apartment is decidedly less pleasant now. Sometimes I am bothered that my indian neighbours produce such excellent smelling food (my cooking ability is only so-so), although I suppose I'd rather be hungry than nauseated.

Just for laughs (or maybe not, I'm not sure), I put my resumé on, and a few hours later I got a call from someone who was trying to get me to switch my 403b funds into a 401k his company managed. He lied more than a bit - I'm glad I know enough about investment to see through that stuff. I'm bothered that our economy probably has a large number of people and companies that make their living preying on people who are either undereducated or not paying attention. It's funny how people complain about lawyers more than these folk - practice of law deserves a more nuanced approach while marketing is much more broadly a field that hurts society.

It interests me how much difference there is in observance of Pesach - I knew before that Haggadot (making a go at the pluralisation - possibly wrong) vary widely in theme and content, and have been to a few Seders of various types, but apparently there are other areas of difference I had not heard of too.


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