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Fondue - Try 1

First attempt at Fondue is a partial success.I didn't see any recipes that looked fun/easy to follow, so I winged it.


  • A bottle of decent Sauvignon Blanc
  • Small wheel of Brie
  • Cardamom
  • Ginger
I dropped the brie into a tiny pot with a glass lid, poured in enough of the wine to reach the top, and put some cardamom and ginger on top (I tend to try adding one or both of these to almost everything I make). I put it on boil and started to clean dishes. Tasty smells began to come from the pot, so I turned it down a bit and added a bit more wine (had boiled down a bit). After awhile I came back, and saw that while it still smelled good, it didn't look right - all wine on the top and cheese on the bottom. After digging out the stir, I found that it had partly burned/crusted to the bottom of the pan - fortunately not enough to turn black but enough to form a solid, hard-to-break-up surface. Cut off a bit with a knife, let it cool, and ate it - delicious. Problem is - how can I make it resemble something to dip bread in? Dug out the blender, set it to pulverise, and with the addition of more wine, it became fluid again, roughly the consistency of salad dressing. Poured that back into the pot, set it back to high, and stirred occasionally. It eventually reached an acceptable texture.

Result: very tasty. Next time I'll be sure to stir it occasionally the entire time, and hopefully I'll find a way to use less wine - it's probably quite good for someone with a higher alcohol tolerance, but after only having eaten a bit I'm already tipsy. I wish there were a good way to get the taste/bite of alcohol in the dish without actually getting drunk eating it.

Wondering if the tendency to mix cardamom and ginger into recipes is a family thing that I picked up without it being explicitly mentioned to me - this tastes a lot more like fondue from home than most fondues I've had.


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