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I was recently a bit weirded out how much I repeat myself on my blog - reason why is that my blog usually skims the surface of what's on my mind at the moment, and I do tend to return to old topics every so often and, forgetting I already blogged them, don't go into the non-intro part of them. Still, it bugs me.

I've been in a vindictive, angry mood, largely because I'm disappointed in a lot of people for never reciprocating on my interest in friendships/more. It's probably often unfair, but the emotions are there and it's hard not to act on some instances of them.. I hate how it's so easy for me to toss out open invites and only see perhaps one other person in a week. I also don't like when I used to hang out with someone every so often but it was always me initiating, and when I wanted to know for sure and stopped calling them, I stopped seeing them entirely. Sigh. I need to get better at staying in touch with people where reciprocity is clear though... *mopes*

Spoke again with JasonM about SB - he pointed me at Craigslist there, and out of curiosity, I looked in the jobs section and immediately spotted two rather neat positions - will have to look more carefully at them and craigslist in general. I've never thought of craigslist as a place to find a job - perhaps I was too dismissive. Although the last job I applied to at UCSB is one I'm absolutely in love with, Jason suggested that UCSB is not an easy place to get hired at. These other jobs .. one is a "remote sysadmin with phone support" position, managing a lot of redhat servers in LA, the other is a "perl-centric db/web/etc developer" position for an e-commerce company. Both should be decent jobs that I'm easily qualified for - less awesome than the UCSB job though. I'm particularly worried that in the latter case I might not be able to identify strongly with the goals of the company.

I've reconciled myself to the fact that my skills and interests are far too broad for there to be any single job that would fit them all... it would be nice in some ways to have a job where I'm playing with kernel guts and/or hardware, or maybe writing compilers, but I suspect I'd want to get back to other stuff after awhile.

Will make fondue again with different cheeses soon, given advice from a friend in Germany.

Expect a news/news-analysis post soon, for the world remains interesting in the chinese curse sense.


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