Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

American Parthenon

I was doing some reading on the Parthenon, and recent reconstruction efforts, and came across mention of a "replica" in Nashville, Tennessee, USA that serves as an art museum. While I'm bothered that they're using it to showcase recent art (I'd rather see it decorated as closely as possible to how the original was as a temple to Athena), I want to make a trip to see it sometime soonish. Anyone who wants to make this happen (roadtrip?), please let me know.

With a building that's served so many purposes over the years, the original parthenon would be hard to reconstruct in a way that would serve every potential scholarly interest - I would love to see it as it was in most of those periods, with whatever decour and modifications it had as a church, mosque, etc. It'd be kind of silly to build 3 extra parthanons next to the original to provide this (disturbing the ruins might limit future research), but for a building that awesome, it'd be tempting.


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