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Fondue 2.0

Fondue 2.0: another qualified success


  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Gruyére Cheese
  • Emmenthal Cheese
This time, I put the stove on its lowest setting, dropped half a block of each cheese in, poured in wine until each cheese was completely submerged, and let it cook for about 45 minutes, stirring occasionally. The best smells came out about ten minutes in - later smells were good but not as good. Near the end, the wine was not boiling down quickly enough, so I dropped in a bit more cheese (and was rewarded with that perfect smell again).

Result:It was fairly good, but had not a trace of the alcohol flavour fondue is supposed to have. I suspect that 45 minutes is not doable with my stove/pots - it overcooks the cheese and denatures the alcohol entirely. I also should chop the cheese into small blocks instead of putting it in as a whole chunk. I think I also started with too much wine. Perhaps it should've been considered ready once the smell was at its best. Gruyére and Emmenthal are definitly better cheeses for fondue.

Sidenote:This was not at all the fault of my cooking, but the Ciabatta I got at the supermarket with which to eat the Fondue tasted weird in a slightly bad way. It was drowned out by the taste of the Fondue, thankfully.

I have quite a bit to learn in mastering Fondue, but I think my next attempt will be a full success.

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