Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


"They told us that tool usage and creativity with spatial reasoning is the core of intelligence. Sitting on the couch looking at the remote, I enjoyed the puzzle of how to get it without disturbing the pile of stuff on my lap, but returning to their idea, it felt a bit ridiculous. Still fun though.."

Further adventures with fondue are temporarily on hold until Gruyère stops being so delicious (I keep eating it before I'm in the mood for fondue).

I scooped up what looked to be another leaflet in the occasional animosity between Lubavichers and Modern Orthodox here, and was going to post a copy but on further inspection it looks to be instead a leaflet by Messianics against Lubavich. It's still interesting, but not as much so... it'll just be another member of my collection of religious tracts..


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