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Super Atman

Daydream: two celebrities are, arranged by their agent, to begin work on a project, but because they happen to be great admirers of each others works and have a fanboy attitude, they spend their entire first meeting getting each other's autographs and photos taken and other stuff.

Mind returns to thoughts of if, instead of no strong notion of self (anatman), there were a single atman - a single self looped through the life of every living being in the universe - a stronger karma. Also, profound loneliness and profound violation - strange emotions attached to strange ideas.

I sometimes wish that the fragments of me that explore ideas within other philosophies (some religious, many not, most mutually exclusive) could all be expressed and given a shot at in life - there are many spheres where I'd love to try out ideas and positions, but I cannot adopt their prerequisites with all of myself - the most I can play wih those ideas is inside a "shadow self", as insulated as a VM. Sure, I can dream up interactions with people I know and don't for those shadows, but holding all those branching possibilities in my head eventually becomes a burden and I can't emotionally benefit as much from things in these containers (but what if I could? If I ever learn to do that, perhaps I shall arrange minimal sustenace for myself and withdraw, just becoming a host of dreams. Maybe Sam Lowry had it right after all..

Today was a nice day walking around through the park with my accordion. I was up at 6am(!), and learned that Bruegger's bagels (and other bread products) are incredibly good when they're that fresh, leaps and bounds over how they are later in the day.


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