Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Death of Teriachor

Strangely entertaining (for me) dream:I attended as a student a prestigious special university and was going through pre-orientation (check-in and stuff). Most of the other people were also computer geeks, and we were all meeting each other in that half-friendly half-competitive way as pecking orders, specialities, and social roles were starting to be formed. Students who were recognised as especially brillant got their own small to hold stuff (experiments and all) in the main building, and I wandered through that corridor several times hoping to see my name and feeling bitter when I didn't spot it. I then hung out with some promising looking new potential friends for a bit and went upstairs. One of the other guys eventually showed off with a device he made that pulled us into a place that looked like where we were but wasn't quite reality - the hall was mostly empty of people and there was the smell of blood. Through the school cameras we had all hacked into shortly after we arrived (the hackage of which apparently was automagically redone by our software as we shifted realities), we saw that somebody had made a robot called Teriachor that was downstairs killing other people who had wandered into this reality. While the other people tried to think out their own solutions, I pulled out my original IBM PC (yes, I still have it, in real life as well) and wrote a truly sentient artificial intelligence in it in ROM BASIC, being a bit nervous that it might not have time to come into full intelligence in the time we had left. I then turned around and began making up a spell to make the system mobile, larger, and help it develop mentally enough to do what it had to do to either kill Teriachor or delay it until we all managed to flee outside. Apparently my notion of making up a spell is to chant/sing a mix of silly phrases in German, Spanish, and English while making gestures with my hands. After a bit people noticed that the PC was growing, and eventually it was large enough that we thought it might be able to do something. I started typing to it, and after giving it detailed instructions on Teriachor, it gave its first intelligent replies on its screen, "Teriachor? I should kill it?", and I clarified htat if we all made it out it could run too, and asked it to try to stay alive. I got feeling all sentimental at this point and asked it if I could take a backup - I grabbed my disk case and pulled out a 5 1/4" floppy, and was starting to back up my creation, feeling bad both about having made it to protect me and about losing my original IBM PC (which, so long as it works, will probably stay with me for my whole life in real life), when I was woken up by my cats.

Tags: dreams

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