Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


Just woke up from a kind of strange dream, and will return to dreaming as soon as I jot this down. I was filling out the paperwork for yet another frequent buyer's club thing in a supermarket, and the person who was prompting me as to what to fill in said I was joining "TEAM GOAL", which is somewhat less than inspired. He said that as a result of joining, I would receive 30-40 swimsuits (WTF?!) and led me to a dock out behind the store where 2-3 other people joining the programme were being taught the basics of how to swim. Although normally when I'm asleep, I find it hard to find *ANYTHING* weird, this did seem pretty amusing even then.

Update: Good morning! After I got back to sleep, I was wandering around with some campers, and ended up in the midst of some convention or large camp with multiple groups using it. I started to sing some songs from Shock Treatment to myself, and some nearby people joined in - eventually a good number of people joined in, although some other guy decided to get all dressed up and kind of stole the show, shifting it to other types of music that eventually became pop. Sigh. Still, it was fun while it lasted. He seemed to have a better voice anyhow.

Last night's dinner was a rare pleasure. Hurrah.

Tags: dreams

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