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Worms in a Ramenstack

Every so often I get some music that has some unlikable stuff attached - this can take a number of forms, from a spoken intro or trailer to a song to portions of the music itself. I've occasionally done some light editing on the audio to take bits out, limited a bit by my tools (generally, using something like "mplayer -ss STARTSECONDS -endpos SAMPLELENGTH foo.mp3 -ao pcm" and then running oggenc on the wav file I get - fortunately fractional lengths are allowed, but this won't smooth the transitions and sox is needed to glue multiple wavs together. Very occasionally I have used a free sound studio to try some of this stuff, but I haven't really come across any that I like - any suggestions?)

Examples of things I've tried/done this with:
  • Hedwig - Wig in a Box - Tried to remove the rock solo near the end with decent technical success but the song doesn't really feel right with it out (or with it in). It is a great song though..
  • Many artists - chopped track+long_silence+bonus_rack into two tracks
  • Tom Lehrer - various tracks - removed text intro - I generally keep the other version of the song around too because the text intros are funny, although I don't usually want to hear them
  • Fall Out Boy - Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying - has some incredibly irritating spoken mopey poetry after the music ends

Poll #1183510 Worms in a Ramenstack

You have an ogg or mp3 of a song you like, but there's some unlikable stuff attached. Do you edit it out?

No - I respect the artist's intent
No - Too much trouble
Yes - Only if its not only part of the song
Yes - If it's at the beginning or the end
Yes - Excise at all cost
I don't have an ogg/mp3 collection

How many songs do you have that you've done this with

0 or Not Applicable
I edit a lot of my media files

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