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An offer letter is on its way. If the salary/benefit details are appropriate, I'll have a job in SB soon. I'm a bit surprised that they didn't want me to do an in-person first (as they said they wanted when I first started talking with them). I suddenly have a lot to arrange. They want me there in 2 or 3 weeks, which will be a bit of an adventure to arrange (especially apartment-wise).

Moving details that's uninteresting unless you can give me advice on doing it better:I just got an estimate from PODS on moving costs if I go with them - it's about $6000, which is more than I'd like to spend (plus I'd need a permit in SB for the dropoff). I'll need to see if I can get a better deal by renting from U-Haul and driving there (any other moving advice is welcome).


  • OMG I need a cat friendly-apartment in SB right now. @#$#@%$#%@
  • Ship everything by media mail that I possibly can, as thanks to the Postal Service, it is very cheap
  • Van/Truck trip for other things
  • I am unsure if I should keep my Pgh apartment for a bit and fly back to finish moving/cleaning later or not.
  • Moving the cats is another difficult matter - as far as I know, I cannot ship them (if anyone knows of a service that does this and makes sure they are fed and use litter and are otherwise taken care of during the journey, please let me know - note that were it not for the liability, this would be an interesting business idea), but they would also probably not handle well a van/truck ride across the entire country.
  • It may be possible that I should combine the last two points, leaving the cats here (and finding a catsitter) for a week or two and then flying back to finish cleaning and taking them on a plane ride to SB.
  • wonder if books weigh as much as a log by unit-volume
  • Books: Media-mail. DVDs: Media-mail. Videocasettes: consider discarding. Can I download mpegs of everything I have on videocasette? If so, I don't need to bring the VCR/DVD-R.
  • Foldup-futon: Leave or bring? I'll have to see if I can disassemble it. If not, LA (ugh) has an IKEA.
  • Computers: It's time to get rid of the old stuff I don't use anymore. This leaves ideally my Linux laptop, my Windows laptop, my OLPC, my "TV" linux tower, the "TV", and some accessories. I might bring an older tower with me to get data off of some old hard drives. Maybe.
  • Paintings, Microscope is delicate and will be schlepped with me
  • Filing cabinets: ship or schlepp. I can replace the door that combines with them to make my desk there.
  • Other furniture: Not sure if it's worth bringing or not - if so, schlepp.
  • Snowboard: Not sure.
  • Bike: Presently inclined to leave it and get a new one out there. If I'm going to bike to work, a hybrid would make more sense than a mountain bike. I plan to bike to work if humanly possible because I don't want to buy a car.
  • That constitutes the bulk of my stuff - I have other stuff (like legos, stationary, gaming systems, etc) but nothing particularly hard to move or give away.
Current things I'm worried about:
  • Getting a reasonable cat-friendly apartment on short notice
  • Getting this apartment ready to return to the landlord
  • Strange taxes and fees that I've heard rumours about wrt living in California
  • Cats
  • Are there really no National City (bank) branches in Santa Barbara?

My cats sometimes try to guess my passwords when I am away. I am thus convinced that cats would make very good information security employees - their passwords, at the very least, are fantastic.


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