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Dictionaryless Compression

Morse code spells out every letter in a communication. It is possible to "play the odds" and win in English to make dictionaries or resolution trees (from Markov chains, for example) for compression - predictive mode in cellphones is an example of this (odd to think of it as compression for some people, but worth making that mental leap). Problem: both ease of decoding and universality of decoding - could we make either a nearly-universally useful compression dictionary for english (phonemes?) or have useful compression without a dictionary, operating under the extent that people be able to productively communicate with it with an hour or less of training/adaptation? An hour is not unreasonable given what people take to get good at predictive text entry, shorthand a slightly harder example. Can we do better than a syllabary-ish compression? (I've spent hours doodling on scratch paper ideas of a kana-like writing system that would be intuitive to people used to the english alphabet). I am convinced that a good way to live intellectual life is to leave behind piles of scribbles that leave people trying to understand them in alternating states of "wow", "wtf?", "I can't read this", and "ugh". I hope that someday someone will do that for me.

Second attempt at eating Med. Grill failed - again arrived when it was closing. It worked out ok though - ate at Aladdin's instead with some new company after forcing myself not to be shy. I still must have some sleek soon.

Much moreso than Columbus, I think I will miss Pittsburgh - apart from the cold, it's a wonderful town (even if takes some time and boldness to see the good parts), and if I ever find myself back here to start a family, I would not be disappointed. Boston and various parts of Europe are other possibilities. I doubt I'm settling down for good in Santa Barbara, but we'll see - if I decide to go to grad school or manage to establish a "life partner" relationship with someone are the most likely things that will next change my course in life. I think Squirrel Hill will hold a special place in my heart either way.

Starting to wrap up things here: saying goodbyes to people and places. Hopefully I can get my other hat before I go. Last meals and hangings out.. sigh. One goodbye today was accompanied by a hug, which practically reduced me to tears. Not sure if this means I don't get enough hugs or that it was unwise to get one. Human contact is .. a difficult issue for shy, reserved people, but I guess it's good to have more of it given how much of a longing for it I've had.

Moving preparations: renting a U-Haul for a long drive to SB is affordable. I am considering simply bringing the cats with me and trying to figure out how to make that work - flying them via petmoving services is ungodly-expensive (more expensive than flying back here to get them and flying them to SB), and they should be ok with a few days of travel. I hope. Packing goes ok. I need boxes. The plastic containers used to hold large amounts of cat litter are quite awesome for things that will fit in them though - they're indestructable, have nice handles, and stack well. It's sad to think how many probably end up in landfills.

I need someone willing to assume my lease in Pittsburgh. $500/month (does not include utilities), 1 bedroom, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, one bathroom, lower floor of a house with only a shared entryway, laundry in the basement with lots of storage down there, parking in back. Outside lighting is good, the windows are fairly large. It's right by the intersection of Bartlett and Murdoch, a reasonably short walk to campus or to the 61 buslines and a very quick walk to Schenley Park. Anyone interested? Beginning date is fairly flexible.

Another quizlike thing soon....


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