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Talking to Shades

Just a dream:First part of dream was not tightly tied to a person - a group of people needed to find something that had been lost to civilisation a long time ago, and they had tracked it down to a lost area of the city. As it turned out, due to upheavals of the earth, an entire set of streets had been buried underground (and preserved intact, with a moderate level of earth separating their air-filld resting place from the surface). The "team" lookig for the thing managed to find an older property owner nearby who knew about the lost areas and had dug beneath his house to excavate, although he said he stopped exploring down there because it was haunted. The team took lanterns and went down - although initially it looked like a cavern, the ceiling quickly stretched far above, and the houses, mostly stone and wood on the outside, had occasional dusty carpets hanging from the windows. The first hallucination was that we saw slight movement in these carpets, with a face briefly appearing on some of them for a moment. Team decided to press onwards - goal: a very large commune. Team stepped into the door, and there was a shimmer in the air as something was woken up. The lights were suddenly on, and people of various ages from their 40s to late 70s were standing around talking. Rocky Horror came on, and some set of them started dancing to the time warp. The effect was incomplete - details of some of their faces were not there (they just looked kind of glowy or jewellish in those parts), and some of them had a coloured aura surrounding their entire bodies or looked a bit translucent. Some team members had the feeling that staying with them would be like Pespherone eating the seeds, so they carefully stepped through the crowd and navigated through several isolated staircases moving upwards. Eventually, they found me.

I was an older man, and one of the animated ghosts, sitting in the bedroom in which I used to reside, and I could sense something was a bit odd with seeing the visitors that meant the situatio wasn't quite normal - the air around them didn't quite reach them, with strands of colour mixed with blackness and brown rock surrounding them like a close bubble. I tried talking to them, and my voice came to them through a device they had nearby - a red gem attached to a black box. Initially I was very confused, but they explained that they were from my future, and were looking for something or some information. I knew I couldn't directly help them, and eventually they grew tired and decided to rest in a few of the rooms of the commune in this upper area, "taking" a few of the rooms. As I could not touch them (hands passed right through), I presumed nobody else could, and the others around me who had lived here for awhile seemed to have difficulty even seeing them. I stayed in the same room as some of the team, and listened to their music - it was like nothing I had heard before, and I tried to comment so, but the red-gem-box seemed to have lost its power. They seemed a bit upset that it had died.. Eventually one of them who could read lips started focusing on me to understand what I was saying, his attention only occasionally interrupted when a team member would accidentally move through me or otherwise block my view - I would guess I wasn't very substantial - I spoke about how great this music was and told them a bit about how things were. I expressed that on the off chance I were still alive in their time, they might've had trouble finding me, but there was only one other place "I found worthwhile on this earth". Unfortunately, I think I had offended (or exhausted) whatever was making this communication possible - the dream perspective pulled back from me to the scene, and showed that whatever was binding the me-of-the-past to the team's "present" was failing and began showing us as dying-of-age folk - not dangerous, but losing our ability to communicate.

Surprise: "I" woke up elsewhere, the old guy, and knew they were in danger if they actually did spend the night down there as they were planning. I seemed actually to be not much older than I was in their experience, and grabbing a lantern, I left where I was, returned to the town, and managed to figure out another way into the "buried" part of town. I found it deeply frightening seeing where I had lived like this, and was creeped out even moreso by seeing people from my past brought back to life like this. Some of them seemed altered to give me truly feral looks when they saw me, and while some of them began to dance again, I felt some threat in their motions - I found the chutzpah to swing out my arm, and they were pushed back as I hurried towards the stairs, my lantern giving me the double vision of the solid wood and stone of the past and the decaying wood and worn stone of the present. I made my way up to the rooms, finding some of them asleep already - eventually I found some in the party who were not yet asleep, and they had to carry the sleeping members (who did not seem able to wake down here), and we started to head back down the stairs.

I then woke up and the dream ended.

I have boxes, but still no place to live in SB nor anyone to take my current place. Hopefully one or both of these will resolve soon. In yet another "nooooooo! Why must this happen when I'm leaving?" moment (surprising numbers of these), the Rocky Horror Picture Show now seems to finally have a regular cast and place here. Damnit. It is seriously not fair for Pgh to keep suggesting all these things when it is theoretically too late to stay but not actually so. Job offers at CMU that actually sound kinda good, new friendships(?), revival of rocky, sudden interest in figuring out and going to grad school, people I might've hung out with more had they lived nearer moving really nearby, Grr. I don't know whether to be more mad at the world for providing the situations or myself for being pulled so neatly towards ugly unsure limbos whenever I try to make changes in my life.

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