Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Tiles for Miles

Quick set of questions that captures most of the variation in NES platform games:

  • If you get hit once, do you, by default, die?
    • If yes, are there weapons or armours that you can get that are lost if you're hit instead of your dying?
    • If no, do different hazards/enemies do differing amounts of damage?
  • Is the game over, by default, if you die?
    • If yes, is there a way to get an extra life?
    • If no, do you start with multiple lives or continues?
      • If yes, do you have both?
        • If yes, are lives and continues separate for a good reason?
  • Are there bottomless pits?
  • Can the main character always, sometimes, or never swim?
  • Does the player control the scrolling of the map, or does the player have to keep up with the scrolling?
    • If the player can control the scrolling, can the player usually scroll in the other direction?
  • Do maps always/sometimes/never scroll left-to-right?
  • Do maps always/sometimes/never scroll bottom-to-top?
    • Are there situations where the player would die of falling by walking down stairs the player came up because the bottom of the stairs is now off the bottom of the screen?
  • Is any part of the player's body deadly without pressing a button to attack?
  • Are enemy bodies generally deadly without them visibly making an attack?
  • Can the player get weapons?
    • If yes, do the weapons have unlimited ammo?
    • If yes, can the player switch weapons?
    • If yes, does the player start with a weapon?
  • Are there spikes?
    • Do spikes instantly kill the character?
  • Can the player be squished?
  • Is there an inventory/weapons select screen?
  • Can the player change direction in midair?
  • Is there a way to grab onto/jump off of walls or the side of platforms without standing on them?
  • Does the game keep score?
    • If yes, does the score serve a purpose?
  • Is there a way to become invincible for a time?
  • Is there a way to fly for a time?
  • Is there music?
    • If yes, is there more than one song played during the game? (cutscenes and final battles do not count)
      • If yes, more than five?

Of course, it would not be hard to think of more.


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