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Men of the Circuit Board

Tonight reminded me that, just as Catholic Nuns are unfortunate enough to be considered "married to god", a sysadmin who did enough at a job is considered "married to the servers" - even long after a job ends and another sysadmin has taken over, I occasionally get people calling up with questions or asking me to log in and do things.

Also: reminded that being unusually honest/open makes one look possibly a bit like a schmuck in circumstances where others feel the same but keep their mouth shut, and likewise how easy it is to misunderstand nuances in what is said. C'est la condition humaine...

C's birthday: incredibly tasty quesadillas followed by pretty good fondue.. and also lots of people. I didn't really feel welcome there, but a decent time was had. On the way home I stopped to watch the sky, and could've sworn that there was someone there with me.. perhaps wishful thinking, or maybe some inner sensor on the fritz.

I've been wondering if there are any cheeses that are reasonably close to Gruyere in taste but are grown domestically (and are presumably not $14/pound).

In some ways, things haven't been going particularly well. For now though, the stomach is happy.


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