Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Rocks We Knew As Children

Memory: A boulder in Connecticut that I particularly liked during the year my family lived there. I wonder if it's still there - I have a lot of pictures of myself on it, apparently quite happy.

Tonight there was RHPS, the beginning of this cast's regular showings. I've come to the conclusion that expecting it to be up to operatic standards of organisation is silly - for what it is, it's quite good, and a lot of the little nuances (from helping people be better actors to tactfully weeding out bad ones) will presumably happen in time. Most importantly though, it was a lot of fun, and there was a lot of creativity and enjoyment by everyone involved. It was also nice to have the company. Helping after/before the show was pretty fulfilling too - left me nice and tired.

Earlier: visited Kiva Han and realised that it reminded me of my old apartment on Northwood Street in Columbus. Realised that if I ever involuntarily found myself living in Cowtown again I would rent that place again in a heartbeat. I also spent far too long staring at hand-written HTML and HTML generated by my blog software and trying to figure out where they differed in meaningful ways. I do that far too often.

I recently turned down a fairly nice position at UCSB now that that town is out-of-bounds for me. Le sigh. Next week: apply for more jobs at CMU and at universities in other cities. Long term task: still must figure out grad programme.

Still amused by how nervous I get in the Wii surgery game. Also, I am very happy that, as attested by the "latest random posts" on LJ RSS feed, the Wii fit seems to be incredibly popular.

Stop, Drop, and Sleep.


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