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At lunch yesterday, I was told that I have a "dad" sense of humour, which seems rather apt.

More details on last night's RHPS:

  • Costumes - Were rather good. Most of them worked quite well, the only ones with problems worth noting were Riff-Raff (most people would have to wear a wig, maybe a mophead, to really get his hair looking like the movie, or even to really give the kind of vibe that RR should have) and possibly the mummified Rocky Horror, where a lot more wrapping would be needed to make it possible to sync up well with the movie (alternatively, a much slower pace of unwrapping could be used). Columbia and Magenta were very well dressed, Frank pretty well. Post-liberation Dr Scott wasn't really attempted - during those scenes, if a wheelchair is not to be used, maybe dropping the slacks to fishnets would work well (handling him well could take a lot of effort though)
  • Cast Props - The pillows were brilliant, both as a metaphor during the sex scenes and later as a running gag. A real gymnastics horse would be awesome, but probably not easy to arrange. Frank's throne was comically small - I wasn't sure if it was intentional or not, but it was pretty funny. The tank (another difficult prop for rocky casts) was handled reasonably well (with a held curtain). It might be interesting to try building a frame with PVC cables/connectors - it might be usable, in front of a real table, for both the bed scenes and the tank, and should be doable for under $30 (assemblable in under 10 minutes, I think). The wide use of the paddle was pretty funny too, and RR's hairpiece near the end of the film was fantastic.
  • Prop Bags/Audience - I didn't get one, but they looked reasonable, and if people had stuck to them we would've had a lot less mess to clean up after the show. A reminder to people to bring their mess with them and that we have to clean up everything after the show might make things a lot nicer to clean.
  • Intro - Was a bit awkward due to the large number of RockyVirgins. Was generally handled well. Maybe the pledge should be said? It's also unfortunate that some of the Tim Curry music we have wasn't there - this may have been overdone in some past shows, but having some of it (maybe one song, varying every showing, sometimes mixing in some other appropriate things like the Dresden Dolls with a shadowcast for that) would be a nice idea for a theatre tradition. Alternatively, it might be cute to have a bit of a "did you know?" presentation (5 minutes tops) on something relating to rocky history before (or after) the movie? A weekly costume contest might be fun too.
  • Show - Most of the cast members were pretty enthusiastic, which was awesome, and the audience interaction confused a few people (probably a good thing) and was well done. Tarsus was either a bit out of it (she was on very little sleep) or doesn't emote very much - her Rocky Horror was rather flat. A few of the scenes didn't work that well because people didn't know where to stand, wern't looking at people they were interacting with, or didn't give a feel (body language or face) that was scene-appropriate. Frank needed a bit more of an air of exotic allure (not costume so much as the way he carries himself), although actually giving that impression can be pretty difficult. Depending on how much of the nuance is desirable, RR might've needed to carry himself differently - in the film he has a kind of angry gracefulness, like a dog that's about to be beaten one time too many. The narrator's role was very well done - either he or columbia were probably the best acted roles in the castplay.
A lot of these things will, I'm sure, become more graceful with time. The most important thing is that people have a good time - things beyond that are nice but not central to Rocky.

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