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En La Boca Secada, no entran...

I wonder if, presuming that in the future an ever-increasing number of people will be blogging, twittering, and otherwise communicating more richly online (hopefully not too much less richly offline), people and society might come to have both a deeper "theory of mind" and come to present levels of it earlier on average - will we see blogs binding a family together? (and how much of the actual content of that will be "passive-agressive" sniping?) Both the possibility of the soapbox and the opening of doors seem to be there... I've seen a lot of people playing mmorpgs with their kids (perhaps replacing Monopoly, Tri-ominoes, and other physical games families played) - a key difference here is that for games that are inherently more socially open (that is, one doesn't need to visit the family house to join in), perhaps we'll start to see the barriers between generations break down - if the parents get their paladin and ranger to join the kids on the cleric and thief to go fight a dragon, and maybe a few friends of the kids (or parents) join in, society might become more tightly bound in some ways.

Wondering as well how much musical taste has to do with broad philosophical stances - do mathy people like mathy music? Does astructural music appeal particularly to hippie folk?


"boca secada" or "boca cerrada"?

re: musical tastes, I have a theory that your musical taste helps compensate for your normal cognitive style.

Being fairly chaotic myself, I like simple, down-to-earth folk music.

By this theory, neurotic, highly structured people like free jazz, and other "structureless" music.
Re the title, like most of my titles it's a play on words - there's a wonderful spanish expression (that you probably know and may have been trying to correct me towards): "En la boca cerrada, no entran las moskas" (pardon any misspellings), and I decided to play on that using the word "Secada" instead. Given that my spanish instruction involved people from Spain, South America, and a little bit of background USA-Spanish, I have no idea where the saying is actually used - if you happen to know, I'd be interested.

Interesting theory regarding the music...
I don't think so-- But that' mostly because Deep thought requires folks to get onto the same page. And with such different schools of thought prevalent in the states alone, I find it difficult to see a common interface where these ideas can neutrally (or even just peacefully) compare and contrast themselves.

Mind you, I do think such an interface is possible, but the ignorance of the people will provide easy deterrent to those who earnestly want to use it.